Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services Castle Hill, Sydney, NSW

Awesome Home Cleaning is a professional cleaning service in Castle Hill. Our fully insured cleaners can assist you with commercial & house cleaning services.

Let Awesome Home Cleaning be your first cleaning choice!

Our Cleaning Services in Castle Hill

With our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for our full suite of professional cleaning services, we take pride in providing you with peace of mind. We are fully insured. Our Professional Cleaners are Police checked. We can cover up to 5 million dollars in damage by accident or mistake.

Reliable and Professional Commercial & Domestic Cleaners in Castle Hill

Do you need reliable cleaning services? The Awesome home cleaning is a cleaning service provider with over 34 years in the industry. 

Awesome home cleaning is your professional ‘dream clean’ service that you require on regularly scheduled cleaning of your home, office, daycare, medical center, shopping center, or a one-off cleaning service before a special occasion.

We are here to guarantee that every corner of your property is untarnished.

A range of cleaning services

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Our Professionals Teams

We have professional staff and cleaning equipment and specialised detergents that dissolve pollutants deeply while also promoting fabric care and preserving color brightness. They are enthusiastic about their work and have a can-do attitude. We receive hundreds of applications each month, but only a few join our team because we are committed to providing reliable assistance.

Pet-friendly Cleaning Staff

Our pets are like part of our family and a big part of our lives, but we all know that pet furry hair nature, due to that they leave hair everywhere in the home. That is not an issue! It is part of our daily routine, and we know how to assist you in caring for and keeping your home clean and disinfected.

Royalty-free Process

Choose the service that you desire with our 24/7 call service or email us and book an appointment to get instant confirmation with an accurate quote after booking your appointment. Experience royalty just waiting for the cleaner to arrive at a scheduled time. it will always be on time and never get late because we know the importance of your time!

Accurate and Fast House Cleaning Quotes

Our house cleaner is fully trained and insured. We are happy to provide you with 24/7 accurate quotes with the help of a highly professional information team. We value your hard-earned money and do not shy about taking advantage of our low prices! We service Casttle Hill & all major areas in Sydney, and no job is too big or too small for us. Looking house cleaning in Castle Hill, get quote and book our services for fortnightly or monthly or regular cleaning.


Satisfaction guaranteed

With our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for our full suite of professional cleaning services, we take pride in providing you with peace of mind. Our team believes in going the extra mile — or as many as it takes — to ensure that you are complete satisfaction.

Fully Police Check Cleaners

A Police Check reveals the workers' previous criminal history. Our cleaners have an up-to-date police check record to perform their task. Our professionals are all hand-picked and go through a rigorous interview process.

House and Office Cleaning with reasonable Price

Are you looking for a professional and affordable cleaning service that gets the job done right the first time?

We have arrived! We know that most of us stress jugglie our work schedules with our family and social lives in all that finding time to do the cleaning can be a challenge, especially if you are on a budget and need to find affordable cleaning services that won’t cost a fortune. Contact us now for if you are looking professional cleaners in Castle Hill for weekly or monthly cleaning. 

Awesome Home Cleaning Sydney

Reasonable Customize Services

Cleaning Services makes it simple to obtain cleaning services at reasonable prices; paying less does not imply receiving less — the opposite! You get all of the professional and reliable cleaning services, plus a personalised touch

We provide you with the most affordable pricing services that are professional or reliable. Though the prices are reasonable, we do not cut corners and give the quality that exceeds expectations, so you will receive more than you paid. Our professional house cleaner in Castle Hill can help you with your cleaning needs.

Depending on The Size

Our house cleaning prices vary depending on the size of the house. The size of your home, the services you require, and the frequency with which you involve in cleaning are all factors that may influence our house cleaning prices. We build relationships with our clients by providing a clean environment and healthy atmosphere cleaning at a reasonable price.

We understand the importance of a clean environment and peace of mind. Our primary goal is to make cleaning services more accessible to members of our community while also acknowledging that each person and home has unique needs. As a result, you have the option of booking our entire cleaning package or tailoring it to your specific wants or budget.

Our consistently monitored high standard of service ensures your satisfaction and will stay with us!

Respect customers & Quality services

Awesome home cleaning is a cleaning company that values customers and provides unrivaled quality. That is why so many clients have been encouraged by our work and continue to engage with us.

Our business goals were by a team that closely adheres to the highest ethical and integrity standards, delivers targeted client service, and that dedicated to our Core Values.

Awesome Home Cleaning


In every situation, our priority is our customers, and we make every effort to understand and appreciate their needs. Our professional and helpful house cleaners will use the newest and safe equipment and supplies



Our home cleaning team understands the importance of customer loyalty as an ongoing respectful relationship between us, so we don't hide anything from you, protect your personal information and strive to maximize internal and external customer loyalty.

Awesome Home Cleaning


Listen calmly and respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm, and acknowledge because everyone is being correct from their point of view.


Offer Solutions, Not Excuses

Our clients are our top priority. We understand your goals and vision with the help of this team offers the best solution rather than making excuses because we believe in supporting our clients and helping them accomplish their goals.

Awesome Home Cleaning
Keep all Customers on the same page

Treating others as we would like to be treated by others; with kindness, courtesy, and politeness. We treat all our customers with the same respect and attention and don't judge or treat them according to the project worth all our clients have the same for us.

Our team is aware of tone, body language, expression, and demeanor during all interactions.


Responsibility entails acting with integrity toward our employees, customers, community, and the environment.


We have a responsibility to our employees, customers, and the environment.


We strive to provide the best quality experience possible in customer service and home cleaning.


Integrity acting honestly, openly, and doing what we say we will do.


Innovation to be customers valued company.