About Us

“Cleanliness is next to godliness, and clean as well as healthy people make a wealthy country.”

Let Awesome Home Cleaning be your first cleaning choice!


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Our Story

Cleaning is not just a necessity for everyday life but it is an art that not all can perform, only some have mastered it and only they are the best at it, just the way our services here at Cleaner Career are.

Cleanliness makes us content even on the lowest days; it gives us a sense of refreshment and an essence of personal hygiene. Clean places are always happy places and clean places or cleanliness always impress an audience.  

Cleanliness also keeps us out of danger and healthy as well because you may have thrown a banana peel on the ground over which you could slip, and fall into the danger of having a fracture but cleanliness will save you from it no matter what. Cleanliness kills all bacteria, viruses and every unhygienic substance around you.

Awesome Home Cleaning

It makes sure that you may stay healthy, that is the biggest reason why we here at Cleaner Career have chosen to clean since 1988 because performing this absolutely amazing and divine job is a gift and infact the best deed that one could ever do because even the god above loves hygiene.

Agreement of Cleaning

Thank you for your interest in becoming a customer of JJSS (aka awesome home cleaning).

It is the policy of our business that a ‘New Customer Engagement Letter’ is completed by all our new customers.

This sets out our terms of engagement. Please read it carefully and make sure you understand the scope of our engagement.